[KONDO] Stone Angle picking Chisel (D=22mm Bits=7mm*7mm, roll) [KMF090104]

[KONDO] Stone Angle picking Chisel (D=22mm Bits=7mm*7mm, roll) [KMF090104]

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Weight: 520g

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Item Description

It is a stone chisel for angle picking. It is used at the masonry work, architecture and gardening. Angle picking Chisel of this size (Diameter=22mm Carbide bits=7mm*7mm) becomes slightly large size also in lineup. The main uses are material processing, stone processing in a Japanese garden, etc. It is used at the spot which likes a coarse result. Since those by whom it is purchased probably regard the usage as it being good and knowing, detailed description is omitted, but the following points should be careful.

Please adjust an angle in Aoto of the GC whetstone 120H according to the stone to be used before beginning to use. When using it for soft stones, such as the Shirakawa stone and an Oya stone , it is about 60 degrees. In the case of granite, it is common to adjust to an obtuse angle rather than 55 degrees.

If you are a professional, the optimal SETTO for Angle picking Chisel (Diameter=22mm Carbide bits=7mm*7mm) of this size is a 0.8 kg thing. However, when there is little experience, please use SETTO lighter than this.

The main use
Stone angle picking
For Art (Sculpture), Architecture, Landscape design, Garden, Repair the ruins ,etc.

It will be necessity about five business day to send.

About a maker, Kondo Masonry tools factory (AICHI pref)

Kondo Masonry tools factory. Yoji Kondo is a brass brasing specialist. This Stone Angle picking Chisel (Diameter=22mm Carbide bits=7mm*7mm) is made in Japan. It is product of Kondo stonemason's tools factory in Okazaki City, Aichi Pref known as a town of the stonemasons. Yoji Kondo is the boss and the second of Kondo stonemason's tools factory, and he is an expert that has been worked for 50 years. He is known to Japanese craftsmen handling stones as one of stonemason's tools makers of carbide who are few in Japan now. His technique of brass brazing is highly valued because it is rare technique not only in the world but also in Japan.

The notes on use about Stone Angle picking Chisel (D=22mm Bits=7mm*7mm, roll) [KONDO]

Please float Stone Angle picking Chisel (Diameter=22mm Carbide bits=7mm*7mm), whenever you strike. If it continues striking, contacting, it will become a cause of a crack of carbide.

Item Description

Producing district Okazaki, Japan [KONDO stonemason's tools factory]
Handedness both (righthand & lefthand)
Full Length 164mm = 6.46inch
Bits size 7mm*7mm = 0.28 inch*0.28 inch
Handle diameter 22mm = 0.87 inch
Material Tip : Carbide Handle : Steel & iron Junction : Brass brazing
Goods weight 420g
Packing weight About 520g

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