[KONDO] Koyasuke (10mm*40mm bits) [KMF010103]

[KONDO] Koyasuke (10mm*40mm bits) [KMF010103]

Our Selling Price: 18,700JPY (not include VAT & TAX)

Weight: 1350g

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Item Description

It is a tool on which the angle of a stone is dropped. By experience, a stone can also roughly be broken. Please strike by SETTO and use. This carbide 10mm*40mm is a standard size. That is, it can work to various stones with sufficient balance. However, when there is little experience, please use to a little stone or a soft stone.

Not only stonemasons and sculptors but also gardeners use it habitually, not to mention what is suitable for stone statue products, it to be just good finish for the staffage compositions such as building stones or japanese garden items to use for the garden path.

carbide is attached at the tip of this KOYASUKE. therefore, compared with the product of only steel, it is markedly alike, and excels in processability. Many professional masonry people, gardeners, and stone-carving masters in Japan use this KOYASUKE.

Since there are much sizes, when necessary, please ask. Our stock is from 5mm*28mm (0.2inch * 1.1inch) to 12mm*50mm (0.47inch * 1.97inch).

The main use
Various processing stone of stonemasons, sculptors, and gardeners (the angle of a stone and roughly be broken linearly).
For Art (Sculpture), Architecture, Landscape design, Garden, Repair the ruins ,etc.

It will be necessity about five business day to send.

About a maker, Kondo Masonry tools factory (AICHI pref)

Kondo Masonry tools factory. Yoji Kondo is a brass brasing specialist. This Koyasuke (10mm*40mm bits) is made in Japan. It is product of Kondo stonemason's tools factory in Okazaki City, Aichi Pref known as a town of the stonemasons. Yoji Kondo is the boss and the second of Kondo stonemason's tools factory, and he is an expert that has been worked for 50 years. He is known to Japanese craftsmen handling stones as one of stonemason's tools makers of carbide who are few in Japan now. His technique of brass brazing is highly valued because it is rare technique not only in the world but also in Japan.

The notes on use about Koyasuke (10mm*40mm bits) [KONDO]

* Please level an edge and do not strike it.
* The degree to strike can be mastered by experience. Please start with striking more lightly at first.
* Although based also on usage, SETTO suitable for this size is a 1.1 kg.
* When experience is shallow, please use SETTO lighter than this. Carbide may be damaged.
* It is at the shipment time and is taking out the edge. It is desirable to build the angle which ground by the GC100H-whetstone and was suitable for work.

Item Description

Producing district Okazaki, Japan [KONDO stonemason's tools factory]
Handedness both (righthand & lefthand)
Bits size 10mm*40mm = 0.39 inch*1.57 inch
Material Tip : Carbide Body : Steel Junction : Brass brazing
Handle material Oak
Goods weight 1300g
Packing weight About 1350g

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