[Tobisho] Pruners A-type 225mm (Aogami steel) [TBS010301A]

[Tobisho] Pruners A-type 225mm (Aogami steel) [TBS010301A]

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Item Description

Features of Pruners A-type 225mm (Aogami steel)

  • The steel material used for the blade is Yasuki Steel's Aogami steel No.2 (Blue paper steel No.2).
  • A-type 225mm is larger than the A-type 200mm and 185mm.
  • A-type only exists for right-handed users. (This is because there is no mold for left-handed people)
  • A-type is a particularly rigid pruner.
  • Used by professionals in Japan and around the world.
  • The A-type is used in a variety of situations, including gardening, horticulture, agriculture, and wine vineyards.

About A-type

Almost all pruning shears manufacturers make the A-type, but Tobisho's A-type continues to adhere to the brass brazing manufacturing method that has been passed down since its creation over 100 years ago. As far as Tetsufuku knows, it is the only manufacturer in the world. Therefore, it can be said that Tobisho's A-type contains the history of Japanese pruning shears.

On the other hand, Tobisho has repeatedly upgraded the blades and bodies since they made products with the user in mind first. The shape of the handle was redesigned about 10 years ago, and now has an ergonomic shape that makes it easier to grip and less tiring. In addition, for A-type, it can freely select the material for the blade depending on the manufacturing method.

In this special specification, the blade material is Aogami steel No.2 (Blue paper steel No.2), which is one of the most highly regarded cutlery steel materials in the world. From quenching to prevent decarburization due to the lead bath, they pursued the contradictory performance of hardness and stickiness to achieve excellent sharpness.

This product is quite large and heavy at 225mm and just under 400g. In Yamagata Prefecture, where Tobisho's factory was once located, sericulture was popular for more than half a century, and this A-type 225mm was developed for pruning hard mulberry trees. Pruning mulberry trees is a huge amount of work, which can easily lead to fatigue for those working on it, and for generations Tobisho has aimed to reduce the weight of handles by thinning out handles while maintaining rigidity. This A type 225mm is a model that has a high composition, sharp blade, ease of handling, and is as lightweight as possible. This model is ideal for large people and tree species that require power.

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About Tobisho, the blacksmith who manufactured this product (YAMAGATA pref)

Tobisho (Working scene of current Tobisho's master blacksmith, Daiki Tobitsuka.)

Tobisho is a long-established blacksmith in Yamagata, with 4 generations of pruning shears and 10 generations of blade smith since 1803. Yamagata Prefecture has been one of Japan's leading fruit producing regions since 1875. Syojiro Tobitsuka, the first pruning shears smith who founded Tobisho, started producing shears for use in orchards and sericulture around this time. Through ingenuity and effort, the performance has continued to improve from generation to generation, and as a result, it has come to be used by professional gardeners due to its sharpness. The unique heat treatment and gloss technologies that characterize Tobisho today are the result of their accumulated experience. The current master blacksmith, Daiki Tobitsuka, has a manufacturing philosophy of "It's natural to cut well, but on top of that, be simple and sturdy."

The notes on use about Pruners A-type 225mm (Aogami steel) [TOBISHO]

* Please do not twist.
* please do not drop.
* Please do not use it for any purpose other than wood branches.
* It rusts for a steel part. Please wipe after use well.

Item Description

Producing district Yamagata, Japan [TOBISHO]
Handedness right-handed
Full Length 225 mm = 8.86 inch
Edge length 73 mm =2.87 inch (From the center of a bolt to the edge of a blade)
Edge material Blue Paper steel / Aogami steel (Yasuki, Hitachi steel)
Handle material white heart malleable cast iron
Goods weight 390g
Packing weight about 460g

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