[KANETAKA] Reeds Shaving tool (White Paper steel, double edge) [KNT040102]

[KANETAKA] Reeds Shaving tool (White Paper steel, double edge) [KNT040102]

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Weight: 100g


Item Description

The main use
Shaving the lead of wind instrument

A maximum of 14 days is required to ship.

This is a double edge and white paper steel edition. Double edge is almost sharp. If you want more sharp, please look Single edge edition. Instead, the blade is stronger than single one. (nevertheless, please do not twist.)
White paper steel is one of the best steel in Japan. The blade made by it is easy to handle. It is the steel of pure structure.In order to maintain the sharpness, it is recommended that you sharpen many times. If white paper steel has been the optimal processing, may even be superior to blue paper steel.

About a maker, KANETAKA (Kyoto pref)

KANETAKA (The scene where Yoshitaka Yamada is manufacturing Japanese razor ) A store and a factory are in front of the head family of the flower arrangement "Ikenobo" which is proud of the membership maximum by the oldest, and the birthplace. Also only by record remaining, it is a long-established store of seven generation at 200 years. Mr. Kazuhiro Yamada of the eldest son inherited Master of sharpen, and Mr. Yoshitaka Yamada of the second son has acted as the blacksmith craftsman.
Traditional products, such as a Japanese razor, the Ikenobo shears, etc. which learned the method of making from an expert, are made from KANETAKA. In addition to them, idea goods, such as a herb clip, a pencil sharpener, and a knife that deletes the reed of a wind instrument, are also produced broadly.

The notes on use about Reeds shaver (White Paper steel, 80mm edge, Double edge) [KANETAKA]

* Please do not twist.
* please do not drop.
* Please use it only for cooking. When you use it for hard materials, please be careful.
* It rusts for a steel part. Please wipe after use well.
* Pleasey a whetstone, if it becomes difficult to cut.
* when frequency in use is low, please wrap in an oilpaper and keep it.

Item Description

Producing district Kyoto, Japan [KANETAKA Edged tool Blacksmith]
Handedness both (righthand & lefthand)
Full Length 187 mm =7.36 inch
Edge length 85 mm =3.35 inch
Brade width 15mm =0.59 inch
Edge material YASUKI steel, White Paper steel
Goods weight 63g
Packing weight About 100g

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