Blacksmith's tong (Flat) [KNT920102]

Blacksmith's tong (Flat) [KNT920102]

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Weight: 600g

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Item Description

This is a Japanese blacksmith's tong. The shape of the tong has a flat. You can grip easily for flat products.

*Originally, the Japanese blacksmiths to manufacture tools for themselves.

We called HIBASHI this product.
"Hi" means fire.
"BASHI (HASHI)" means chopstick.

Item Description

Producing district Kyoto, Japan [KANETAKA Edged tool Blacksmith & Blacksmith agreement]
Handedness Both
Full Length 417mm = 16.42 inch
Edge length 65mm = 2.56 inch (From the center of a bolt to the top of tong)
Goods weight 428g (There is a tolerance for the handmade)
Packing weight 600g

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