Japanese traditional blacksmith's products shop. Kitchen knives, Garden shears (pruner, secateurs), Masonry tools and razor, etc.
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What a great product they are!!!

Beautiful mirror polish are the plane perfectly flat.
Motif of flower of cherry tree is designed on the surface of the kitchen knife.

Finish of the blade also wonderfully, You can make the sashimi just as wanted.
It is the product of the professional specification completely.

By all means, please visit.

MINAMOTO-IZUMIMASA Yanagiba hocho 270mm Mirror & cherry
MINAMOTO-IZUMIMASA Yanagiba hocho 300mm Mirror & cherry

This is a very very very rarely product. While six were made, TETSUFUKU succeeded in acquisition only one. I do not know when the next chance. I am thinking that it is probable that a few years will not be produced and possibly.

[Tobisho] Lefthanded Snipping Pruners (200mm edge) limited edition is here!!!


[Tobisho] Pruners SR-2 (180mm) This pruner is a 20mm smaller than SR-1. Very excellent sharpness, easy to use, excellent cost performance. It is suitable for small hands men and women. One of the features of red and yellow grips.
[Tobisho] Pruners SR-2 (180mm) is here!!!

Hello everyone.
My name is Hiroshi Urata in TETSUFUKU.

Today I started TETSUFUKU.

TETSUFUKU is Japanese and means "iron" and "happiness."
It was considered that We wanted the product of iron or steel to realize a happiness life.
From now on, the goods exceeding 100 will be registered.

Thank you!!!