Yanagiba hocho (Sushi knife)

"Yanagiba" means "The leaf of a willow " in Japanese. That is, the kitchen knife for SASHIMI making . It uses slicing pulling using all the length of an edge. Then, the cell of a fish is not crushed.In order that humidity and a taste may not escape, the taste of raw fish is produced to the utmost. Yanagiba is a kitchen knife for producing delicious sliced raw fish. The sushi master also always uses.

All of Yanagiba hocho on this page is the kitchen knife in which the blacksmith did handmade. The trace struck to the proof can be grasped.It is a kitchen knife a craftsman's skill and efforts can be seen. In MANAKA, in order to use a good price, superfluous packing is avoided.

Yanagiba hocho has another name that is "Sushi knife" or "Willow blade knife".

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