[MANAKA] Yanagiba hocho (about 180mm brade) [MNK010403]

[MANAKA] Yanagiba hocho (about 180mm brade) [MNK010403]

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Weight: 200g

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Item Description

This 180mm Yanagiba hocho is smaller than the size which a professional Japanese cook uses. But, it is easy to use. Of course, sliced raw fish can be sliced comfortably and KATSURA-MUKI is also made depending on skill. This is the best also for professional 2nd Yanagiba hocho.

Why is the edge of Yanagiba long? The reason is in the section of a sliced fish. The cell of a fish will not be crushed if it cuts pulling using the full length of an edge. By a cell not being crushed, neither moisture nor a taste escapes but, also in soy sauce, only a proper quantity stays at the surface. The best sliced raw fish is borne only by Yanagiba.

This Yanagiba hocho is the kitchen knife in which the blacksmith did completely handmade. The trace struck to the proof can be grasped. It is a kitchen knife a craftsman's skill and efforts can be seen. In MANAKA, in order to use a good price, superfluous packing is avoided.

After receiving an order, in order to produce, it will be necessity about ten days to send.

About a maker, Manaka edges blacksmith (SAITAMA pref)

Yanagiba hocho mini 180mm edges MANAKA is an edged tool blacksmith who continues four generation in Kasukabe-shi, Saitama. MANAKA is well versed in the production of an edged tool, and is performing reproduction of the farm implements of Kanto (southeast part of Japan), etc. Manufacturing items are a kitchen knife, a hatchet, scissors, farm implements, fishing implements, a forest tool, etc.
Their concept is coexistence of sharpness and durability. Many professional farmhouses and gardeners are supporting this concept. Yasuo Manaka of the fourth generation is forging the edged tool today also.
* At this web site, a kitchen knife and scissors are mainly dealt with. Since there is a possibility of being against the law of each country, the big edged tool is not dealt with. If there are those who learn the export method from Japan, please let me know.

The notes on use about Yanagiba hocho mini 180mm edges [MANAKA]

* Please do not twist.
* Please do not use it for any purpose other than sliced raw fish.
* It rusts for a steel part. Please wipe after use well.
* Pleasey a whetstone, if it becomes difficult to cut.
* If edged tool oil is applied, it will last long more.

How to sharpen your Yanagiba (Sashimi or sushi) chef knife on a whetstone.

Item Description

Producing district Saitama, Japan [MANAKA Edged tool Blacksmith]
Handedness righthand
Full Length 348 mm =13.70 inch (Since it is handmade, there is an about several millimeters size difference. Please understand the situation. )
Edge length about 180 mm =7.09 inch (Since it is handmade, there is an about several millimeters size difference. Please understand the situation. )
Brade width 27 mm =1.06 inch (widest point )
Brade Thickness about 2.0 mm =0.08 inch
Edge material high-quality tool steel
Handle material Magnolia
Goods weight 110g
Packing weight About 200g (There is no packing of a box etc. It protects with shock absorbing material. )

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